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tv   ABC7 News at 9 on KOFY  KOFY  June 14, 2011 9:00pm-10:00pm PDT

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is. >> good evening. an arrest tonight in a case that has a lot of people angry and confused. senseless slaughter of almost a dozen chickens. it happened at community garden in alameda. now police say a 12-year-old boy is responsible. allen is there live tonight
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with the story. al listen? >> yes. dan, it's believed that we are told the boy and another teen are actually involved in this. they are not residents out here. over the weekend it's believed that they took a shovel and killed 11 of the 18 chickens that were being raised here in this coop. they had become an important part of the alameda point collaborative community of about 500 former homeless residents growing their own food and learning to eat healthy. the growing youth project raises the chicken, us using the egg for community breakfast and sell them to fund field trip. kids recently traveled to pittsburgh to talk about the project. chicken that were killed were almost mature enough to begin laying egg and that would have meant more income for the kids. >> i came and saw a couple of them and i was like i didn't understand what happened at first. i thought they were sick but when i seen the shovel i was just really, really disappointed. i just terrible
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thing. >>reporter: can you tell the difference between one of these egg and one from the store. the taste. >> they taste better. always. i was sad. >>reporter: why. >> because they give us lots of food in the morning to go to school. >> really taught them responsibility. they had to be here every day feeding them checking on them and then when they would take the egg and sell them at the farm they are learning business skills. when they take the eggs to the community breakfast every week the whole community is learning about healthy eating so the chicken did a lot. >>reporter: this youth project is more than just a chicken coop. it's the nucleus of the community that is teaching the young students and young kids how to be nurturing. how to eat healthy and how to hone in their business skills. this is essentially a 4 h program out here and dan if you know anything about 4 h which i know you do, it's a great all encompassing program that
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teaches kids a lot. >> it does indeed. you are so right about that. it does allen thanks very much. shame that happened. live in a&m alameda tonight. >> 2 reality not making resident residents feeling any better. police agreed to pay cuts and layoffs. each officer will accept a 10% salary reduction but will not be enough to save everyone's job. 100 officers will be laid off. now these layoffs come as san jose homicide rate is sky rocketing. there are 27 murders this year. 7 more than all of last year. ironically just hours before the city council and police agreed to 100 layoffs, 4 people were sho shot. one fatally. more on thomas. >> shooting broke out today a little after 3:00 a.m. on the 1200 block of oxygen drive in san jose. >> we don't necessity if it was one individual that came up and opened fire as these victims
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were having a gathering in the garage. >> 4 people shot one fatally. 3 others managed to find their way to local hospitals with non-life threatening wounds. >> all in favor. >>reporter: hours after the shooting the police believe could be gang related the city council approved a budget plan that lays off at least 100 police officers. eventh that agreement mayor reed thinks even more officers will have to go in other words to balance the budget. >> we are not going to be anywhere near the 120 that are likely to be laid off. we are going to be well over 100 officersless their jobs. >> 29-year-old chris is one of those officers. he left the new york police department to come to san jose 2 and a half years ago. he says being laid off is like being penalize for doing something wrong. >> that doesn't make sense in my mind. if you do a good job you are supposed to be rewarde rewarded. certainly not anything taken away. >> he says he's young and has choices. other officers do no not. >> my academy mates have young children and are looking at losing their houses unfortunately.
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>>reporter: police ratified the agreement that calls for 10% reduction in compensation and will result in the layoffs of the 100 officers. they did it to help san jose shape 15 million dollars from the city 115 million dollar deficit. but police officers believe the cuts will compromise public safety. especially with the homicide rate now already higher than all last year. police officer association president george baity pleaded with the council to find a way to save the officer's jobs. >> i have a request for actually imploring that the mayor and members of the council lack at some of the alternative proposals that are out there to save if as many if not all of the remaining offices in tier 1. >> if the officers would not have agreed to the new contract additional 156 officers would have been laid off. several city council members tried to save some of the officer jobs today but were unsuccessful. today the city council approved the mayor budget message. they will approve the whole budget hopefully next tuesday. in san
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jose, 7 news. many entire police force officially joined the sexual abuse may take 0county sheriff's office today in half moon day bay. they decided to contract out the police services in order to save some money. they were sworn in today as part of the san mateo county sheriff's office. >> disturbing story out of redwood city. 5 middle school boys are accused of trying to rape 212-year-old girls on school field trip. teacher 2 chaperone and assist anti-were present. girls did not say anything until talking to a school counselor last week. the boys ages 13 and 14 have been arraigned and are set for trial next month. arson investigators looking for whoever set a school on fire in the east bay. while educators are worried about why this keeps happening in the district. latest fire broke out last night at kinkele elementary which is on south 39th street. the damage inside
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is considerable. more mit from wayne. >>reporter: if you were still alive and in richmond this morning dr. martin luther king jr. would not be pleased. >> i tell you right there that they really don't know the history. you know. they don't want to know. >>reporter: lack at the sign on the front of the school. then take a harder one at the daniel inside. the richmond fire department says that when martin luther king jr. elementary burned last night someone did it on purpose. >> lacks like multiple starts. >>reporter: add a word again. west contra costa county school board president charles ramsey is concerned by a trend. >> we have a fire at difficult an is a. we had a fire at crest and we had a fire at coronado. so this is our fourth firing. we are really concerned with the outbreak in the last just year and a half. >>reporter: the only partially saving grace that martin luther king jr. elementary had closed for good. replaced next year by a new campus next door. but much of this stuff that burned
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would have been the guts of it. karl helped with the clean up attended here as a kid and is tired of the fires. >> you don't get used to it. you get immune to it. pl keeps happening all over the town. >>reporter: she isn't used to it. >> my heart hurts. >>reporter: all the teachers here. she saved a quilt from the ruins. >> my god it's okay. >>reporter: but not much more. if martin luther king jr. stood for hope, this is the contrast. frustration and despair. >> it's not what dr. king stood for. this is not what he stood for at all. >>reporter: why don't they understand that? >> they have mental chains on them. they blame everybody for things that go wrong. step up to the plate people. that's not what you do when all we have is the children and we are trying to educate them.
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>>reporter: to quote board president ramsey, this is discouraging. it takes away from the programs from the services from the text book from the furniture but we can't give up. we need to send the right message to our kids. fire department continues its investigation. this is abc 7 news. federal judge in san francisco today upheld the ruling striking down california ban on same sex marriage. the chief u.s. district judge rejected argument by proposition 8 sponsors that judge walker was biassed when he ruled last year that prop 8 is unconstitutional because niece a long-term relationship with a man and stood to gain from his order. the judge wrote it is not reason to presume that a judge is incapable of making an impartial decision about the constitutionality of a law solely because as citizen the judge could be affected by the proceedings. pl legal analyst dean johnson says that motion
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to throw out the ruling included flawed presumption. >> proponent approached this motion with what appear to be some very stereo typical and prejudicial assumptions about the same sex couples and about gay people pishtion sponsors of proposition 8 however are planning to appeal today's decision. >> first lady came to the bay area today. headlining 2 fundraisinging events for democratic campaign including her husband's. the push to bring in the cash is expected to be more challenging this presidential campaign. mark matthews tonight with that and the fact that today's events were closed to the media. fichlt can't say we didn't try. sorry closed to the press. >>reporter: no tv camera allow entered the fundraisers today but the chair of the state democratic party tells me the first lady isn't just here to raise money. she's here to recruit. >> people not only involved in contributing but involved in working on the campaigns. phone banking. some of them
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willing to go to battle ground states et cetera. >>reporter: this morning in berkeley it was working for jackie. >> i'm on the team.i'll be bac back.i'll get on the team again. >>reporter: at the clairemont hotel in berkeley 200 guest paid 1,000 dollars to 2 25 of money that he can not rely on that internet money from small donor that he got last time. >>reporter: l the president will have a much harder time repeating his internet fundraising success of 2008. democratic strategist eric jay
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says it may be true now. won't stay that way. >> when you put the president up against his republican opponent i think it's going to really energize our base. i think they will give money however they give money. >>reporter: jay says that's coming but it is the conservative side that seems more energize in opposition to the president. chair of the calf republican party tom says it's the xhichlt i think he will go wherever he can get money at this point. if the numbers stay this way that's going to be increasingly harder over time for him to did this. >>reporter: head of the republican party in san francisco is criticizing michelle obama trip saying it's being paid for by taxpayers. white house says yes in part that's true. part of the trips being paid for by taxpayers. part of it by the obama campaign. white house says those are the same rules that laura bush used when she was campaigning for her president or barbara bush before her. in the newsroom, mark matthews abc 7 news. >> much more ahead to bring you tonight including this miniheat
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wave. >> darngs miniindeed. lack and feel of suffer will continue for one more day. back with the temperatures in a few minutes. >> thanks. spring snow melt in the sierra in high gear as campers in yosemite being moved to hire ground. >> it makes it really hard to go to school here. >> plus big mistake on campus. hundreds of parking tickets written over the past two days have now been rescinded. >> google unveils faster access and new kinds of searches.
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♪ stay inside? nah. not when you have a five-star overall vehicle score for safety. one more reason chevy traverse delivers more. jeans. >> change may be coming to the grocery store. alcohol could end up being banned from the self check outline. coalition of groups from mother against drunk driving to the united food commercial worker union is
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promoting a bill that mandates all alcohol sales be processed by an actual clerk not self check outline. they say the bill could help curb under age drinking. ucla study found 1 in 5 young adults were able to trick the system into allowing them to buy alcohol. but the grocery association says there is no correlation between under age drinking and shelf check out. >> retailers do anything they can to protect the liquor license. they won't sell to under age minors. >>reporter: governor schwarzenegger veto similar bill back in 2009. something like cigarettes already have to be purchased from a clerk. that bill is sponsored by assembly woman mosque and her legislation too i hope crease the rates that ocean going ships pay for bar pilot stalled in the state senate. they guide ships in and out of san francisco bay. they earn about 400,000 dollars a year. the pilot claim they haven't had raises in years and current rates make it difficult to
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retain experienced pilots and attract new recruits. critic say in the increase would raise shipping costs and discourage business at bay area ports. flood warping is in effect until further notice until in yosemite valley. melting snow means rising water and the threat of flooding along the merced river where campgrounds have been evacuated and trails are now at risk. latest from reporter gene. >>reporter: combination of hot weather and melting snow is making yosemite water falls a spectacular sight for visitors. >> it's awe inspiring. l it's just, breath taking. that's all i can say. >>reporter: but the water from those incredible falls is setting the merced river over its banks. >> as of yesterday when we got here the river was quite bait farther down now already come up lick 10 or 15 feet. >>reporter: rising water prompted the park service to move dozens of campers in the lower pines and housekeeping campgrounds to hire ground.
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>> so those are the 2 areas that are mainly impacted. until the water goes down we'll leave those areas closed. >>reporter: some campers just decided to leave early but most were relocated many had to only go 50 yards or so and those we spoke with didn't mind the relocation. >> i don't really think it comes up too far but better live on the safe side. >> i know they have a lot of safety concerns. they are just keeping us safe. >>reporter: the water is expected to peak tonight and precaution in place until it goes down. so far park officials aren't sounding any alarms. >> we were still encourage people to come. don't expect there to be any limits to the the way people can get in and out of yosemite valley. >>reporter: while the water falls are spectacular this is the really unusual sight empty camp site in yosemite in june. it's hope they will reopen and be full of campers by the weekend. disappointing news about all the empty camp site that means a lot of fobling have the
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reservation cancelled and in order to camp here you have to make your reservation one year in advance. so if you have reservations for camping in yosemite this week check with the rest vegas agency before you come up. reporting from yosemite, abc 7 news. but if you do get there it is spectacular this time of year with all the rain and snow melt we are now experiencing. sandy is here with the forecast and getting pretty steamy. it's breezy. >> absolutely. yes the sea breeze kicked in late in the afternoon. coastal areas kept on the comfortable side but the inland areas they were soaring. low to mid 90's today dan. feeling like summer around her here. a little bit early. summer solstice occurs next tuesday at 10:16 in the mornin morning. but who says it's really spring? late spring warm-up and you can see from the high definition sutro camera it's a clear view of the san francisco area. golden gate bridge. we do have a little bit of fog that has started to form right around half moon bay where visibility
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down to about 2 and a half miles. speaking of fog this afternoon had some fog around but it did clear away and the temperatures responded. 5 to 15 degrees warmer in some cases up to 17 degrees warmer today. 85 degrees in san jose. 89 in redwood city. kind of temper by the sea breeze. 70 in san francisco. 76 in oakland. look at the heat inland. 94 livermore concord up to 88 degrees in santa rosa. san rafael up to 90 today and a half moon bay held down by the breeze. 67 degrees. wide range of temperatures that we usually see in the summer time. numbers right now you can see is still real warm in antioch. 83 degrees we still have plenty of 70's around the bay and inland communities. the only place where it has cooled off is along the coast line where it is noticeably cooler. mid to upper 50's. highlights clear mild tonight. touchy fog along the coast. another warm day is expected tomorrow and cooling trend begins on
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thursday. so tonight do look for mild night with temperatures in the inland areas and low to mid 60's under clear skies. 50's across the rest of the bay area. the only place where you are really going to see any fog is right around half moon bay and further to the soul. it's patchy at best heading into the morning hours. so here's what is happening as far as the bigger picture is concerned. higher pressure. still going to provide us with another dry day. warm again tomorrow. then you will notice the changes on thursday. tomorrow morning fog piece away quickly. northerly wind sets n.sun out. temperatures coming up into the 90's inland. 60's at the beaches. wide range for your wednesday. here are the specific numbers south bay 85 for san jose. 87 degrees in saratoga. close to 90 degrees in los gatos. it's another warm day there. on the peninsula 80 in redwood city los altos mid 80's coast line temperatures are remain in the comfortable zone. mid 60's. downtown san francisco 72
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degrees and will see plenty of sun here in san francisco. north bay community warmth around sonoma 88 there. santa rosa 90. mid 60's along the coast line. in the east bay look for mid 70's to low 80's. 78 in oakland and inland areas low 90's for most. 91 concord. livermore and around the monterey bay. 78 degrees in santa cruz. make sure you have the sun screen. tomorrow is another warm day for you. away from the beaches. cooling begins on thursday. considerably cooler on friday and holding there for saturday. sunday father's day can't forget the dads. a little bit warmer. warming trend continues as we head into summer. >> don't forget the dads. >> don't forget them. >> thanks very much. >> as we continue here tonight. major defense contractor announces big layoffs. we show you how many of them will hit home in silicon valley. >> skype tv. new plan that could soon have you talking to your television set.
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>> and the billion dollar executive. why a former apple executive is worth every penny. executive. why a former apple executive is worth every penny. 
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>> "new york times"is reporting that pakistan military arrested 5 informant who helped the cia get osama bin laden. informant include a major in the pakistani army who kept track of license plate numbers on cars visiting bin laden compound. the latest incident in the tense relationship between the pakistan and united states government who are all allies of course in the war on terror. here at home as many as 500 employee at lockheed martin in sunnyvale could lose their job. they announced today it is cutting 1200 employees nationwide from its space
9:26 pm
system division. sunnyvale is home to a major part of that operation. lock head martin says it's making the cuts because it is getting less business from the defense department and there are few new opportunities on the horizon. >> hundreds of students at pleasant hill diablo valley college received an unwelcome surprise this first week of summer classes. parking tickets. bunches of them. students complained and we started asking some questions. here's laura anthony with what happened. >> i think it's bull. >>reporter: college student anthony is none too happy with the bright orange envelope that greeted him on a break from class. it's a 40 dollar parking ticket. for not having a student permit on his car. >> i think it's a little screwed up because i have been here, let's see, i had a couple summers here and then i had a year here and they always give us like at least a week. only the second day. >>reporter: he's not alone.
9:27 pm
300 students the received the citation in the past two days. >> i'm really upset because hi to pay 200 dollars for books just now and now 40 dollars for a ticket. >>reporter: according to the school web site there's a one week grace period before tickets would be issued to students who have yet to purchase a 20 dollar permit. apparently not all the ticket gives here got the message. >> we are trying to go to school here and learn. we shouldn't pay to park. that's ridiculous. >>reporter: we contacted school officials to find out why such a dramatic departure from past practice and they said the tickets are a mistake. >> we agree there is some confusususion. >>reporter: jim is with the contra costa county community college district. >> we apologize to our students who got those tickets. and we are taking the steps to notify the vendor that works with us on the citation collection to essentially wipe all the tickets that were issued yesterday and today parking
9:28 pm
permit related only. we begin normal enforcement starting next monday june 20th. >>reporter: at this school it appears the first lesson of the summer session will be about doing the right thing. pleasant hill abc 7 news. >> all is well that ends well there. 7 news at 9 continues tonight. google new feature including voice search for desk top. >> just click the microphone in the search becomes and search out loud. picks of the yellow belly warbler. >> now when screaming at your computer you have an excuse. >> also another day another hack attack. tonight who has been targeted this time. ♪ catchy song yes but perhaps too popular. why you might want to change some of your apple pass codes. >> and designed to keep you safe. so why is sun screen now coming with stricter labels. safe. so why is sun screen now coming with stricter labels. stay with us
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>> good evening wins again. start this half hour with a look at the headlines that we are keeping tabs on this evening. san jose police officers agreed to continue percent cut in pay and benefit benefits. that saves the jobs of 156 officers but still at least 100 others will probably lose theirs. the city still wants other unions to macon sessions so it can close 115 million dollar budget deficit. >> police need help finding the arsonist who torched richmond martin luther king jr. middle school. last tonight fire gutted the building that was due to be torn down. the flames destroyed equipment and materials that were supposed to be moved into the new building. >> cheering crowd greeted first lady michelle obama outside the
9:32 pm
clairemont hotel in berkeley this morning. she addressed supporters for her husband rehe hex campaign. she attend add fundraising luncheon in san francisco. headlines tonight. >> now that the sun is finally out major news about how to protect ourselves from it. if you put all the trust in sun screen the government now says you may have been misled and both testing and labels need to change as a result. one american dies of melanoma skin cancer every hour and non-melanoma skin cancer now top 1 million new cases per year. so today after other countries have changed ingredient the fda decided to do it as well. here's lisa stark. >> all these year we have been slathering on the sun screen. with all the confusing labels. s p f 15. 50. water paragraph. water resistant. we have been thinking we are protecting ourselves. and more importantly our children. >> people were getting a false accepts of security with sun
9:33 pm
screen the way they word. >>reporter: troubling thing happened. despite the ex completion of sales of sun screen there's also been an explosion of skin cancer. cases of the most deadly kind of skip cancer. melanoma increased 45 percent between 1992 and 2004 and turning up in young people. >> melanoma used to be a disease of older men. now it's the most common form of cancer for young adults in their late 20's.what does all this have to do with sun block? turns out you may have been getting only half the protection the you need. here's why. this is 2 kind of harmful ray in the sun. government only requires that sun block protects from uvb ra ray. those rays can burn the surface of the skin. but just as dangerous uva rays they penetrate the skin. down to the cells that can become cancer. no requirement that your sun block have ingredient
9:34 pm
needed to guard against uva ra rays consumer reports tested sun screen aplaying different brands to a person's back. subjecting them to both uvb and uva light. some protected wel well. some did not. starting index summer sun screen must have an s p f of at least 15. offer protection against both uvb and uva rays. to claim that it helps prevent cancer and aging. wins more sun screen makers will no longer be able to claim their product are waterproof or sweat proof. there's no such thing. >> no matter what sun screen you use you have to use a lieutenant for it to work. and adult needs an ounce the size of the golf ball or what's in the shot glass every 2 hours for it to be effective. that means if at the beach and you have a tube of sun screen about this big well after 6 hours it should be empty. this is washington news. >> who knew, right. just one
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day after the cia warned of cyberattack united states senate became the latest victim of hackers. hacker group lulled security was able to infiltrate the public portion of the senate.govern site but the group was not able to get past a fire twhawl access senator personal information. still the break in is the latest in a series of embarrassing hack against company, organizations including the international monetary fund lockheed martin, citigroup, google and sony now the senate. >> former utah governor john hunts man jumping into the presidential race. >> i intend to announce that i will be a candidate for the presidency a we can from today. my family is shocked and surprised. is i hadn't told them yet. >> he's a republican would recently served as president obama ambassador to china. hunts man known for moderate stance on some issues including climate change and civil union
9:36 pm
for same sex couple with strong tie to the mormon community. >> on to business news. single hire has had big republicer cusses. ron johnson the man behind apple retail strategy for the past decade hireds the new ceo of jw pen. he developed the genius bar at apple and worked for 15 years remaking target. investors on wall street are thrilled with this news. value of penny outstanding shares increased by 1.2 billion dollars. >> another business note to get to. the famed fairmount hotel in san francisco up for sale. no asking praise is listed but the owners have been threatening to sell since plan to convert the rooms to condos fell through. and google is putting the squeeze on yahoo and binge promising to provide the fastest search results yet technology comes new feature as well. david lou takes a look at what will soon be rolling out. >> nobody wants to wait when you are in a hurry for
9:37 pm
information. google speeding up how fast a page loads by rendering it they predict what you want. new technology that knows what results the user wants to go ahead and say by the way start down loading that early. >>reporter: that means the page appears almost instantly compared to the average speed of 5 seconds. instant pages available in google browser called chrome. other browsers might feature it later. ever wonder where a photo was taken. another feature search by image. up load photo or simply drag and drop in the search field. similar photo will appear with the location. google says it won't save the photo nor will it use photo recognition technology on anyone in the shot. technology analyst david needle says watch dog on the look out for any breach in privacy. >> now roll out and see how it plays out. you know the privacy people are on them every step of the way to keep themonest. >>reporter: it took a team of
9:38 pm
several hundred product software engineers to develop these new features. they see a dramatic rise in search on mobile device 5 times greater than 2 years ago. google also will make voice search available on desk top already offered on mobile did he vase. >> keep improving google user experience doing the right thing for our usersnd users assume that is how it should be and they want more. >>reporter: the new feature will also raise competitive before for rival yahoo and binge. some of the features are available now. others rolled out in the weeks ahead. you have to do a search to find out when you have alaska is tows them. in san francisco david lou abc 7 news. >> on the subject of technolog technology. if the tv starts talking to you soon, probably not insane. tonight woyvrment you probably are a comcast customer. cable giant announce today that it plans to bring skype video phone calls to tv sets later this year. subscribeser able to rent a kit from comcast that include a web
9:39 pm
cam and adapter that plugs into the television. new remote will include a keyboard on the back for typing chat messages. trail of the new did he vase begin in the next few most. watch out for that. >> 1 2 3 4 not the beginning of a beat or break that song. those are the common postscript word numbers that people use to lock the i phones. according to well known blogger and security expert daniel the i-phone pass codes are pretty easy to figure out. here are the top 5 most used 1 2 3 4 as i said. zero zero zero zero. 2 5 8 0. 1111. 5 5 5 5. what to do. build a strong password experts say 9 8 7 6 are the least frequently used first digit so that's probably a good police to start. essentially be more random the number the better. harder to remember. >> as we continue here tonight. helping people in haiti.
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>> step right foot all the way up to meat your hand. >> up next. north bay up to meat your hand. >> up next. north bay instructor using yoga to make a home garden company that has high hopes for moving in to the medical marijuana business. hey marcel, watch this!
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>> word smith are concerned about a new trend. justice looking more and more to dictionary to help them settle cases. chief justice john roberts pulled out a dictionary to learn the meaning off of. for a ruling. other words looked up now. if. and even attorney believe it or not. in fact according to the "new york times"between 2000 and 2010 the high court looked up 295 words and phrases and 225 opinions. that compares to 23 words in 16 opinions in all of the 1960's. the editor of the oxford english dictionary doesn't like the idea the judges lacking up word for that purpose. he says definition are written with a lot of things in mind but still can not easily be given exact meanings. >> marin county yoga instructor believes that yoga offers much more than just health an well-being. it also offers she says hope to children in haiti
9:44 pm
orphaned by the earthquake. don reports on how she is using yoga to help in haiti. >> we have seen the devastation in haiti. shattered lives. children left homelec&4 orpha orphan. marin county woman wants to help these children mile again. yoga venture is about health emotionally an spiritually. >> what surprised me even more though was the perseverance of the haitian. their strength. their faith. >>reporter: she took 15 people from her yoga class to haiti last year. each person carrying 50 pounds of tools to help build a dental children being. >> even though we just brought what we could it was so much more than they had. >> one also girl asked can i go home with you and it was really hard to say i can't take you home with me but i can, we have this. >>reporter: >> they weren't to be loved. that's something you can give. doesn't cost anything. >>reporter: lisa had to do more. she met a woman who feeds 275 children every day.
9:45 pm
>> she has children this show up with nowhere to good. >>reporter: they needed a place to live. this is the result. center where they can live. seismic strong building. >> didn't want them in bunk but own beds. don't want it to turn into some kind of compoun compound. and someplace the children would fell like is going to be their home. >>reporter: she's held yoe yoga events collective hearts for haiti to wrist money. response has been overwhelming. with classes lake this and so many fundraising events that lisa is finally realizing her dream. construction begins next week. they leaf for haight think week. it is a labor of love. >> i'm about to give birth to 90 children in haiti. >>reporter: in mill valley abc 7 news. >> leading garden care company is hoping to cash in on the medical marijuana growing industry. ceo for scott miracle grow says he wants to target the pot market in an effort to boost sales. scott
9:46 pm
make product for larden care but never to mayor 1 growers. company relies on relabelers like home depot to sell the product. medical marijuana is legal in 16 states including here in california. coming up. teenager who is the spitting image of his dad. arnold schwarzenegger housekeeper goes public. my wife the dentist allows only one mouthwash in our home -- act. [ male announcer ] act mouthwash for kids has maximum fluoride for up to 40% fewer cavities and stronger teeth. act. stronger teeth and better checkups in every bottle.
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>> arnold schwarzenegger former housekeeper has broken her silence on the affair she had with him and the child that resulted from it. she even allowed hello magazine to publish the boy's picture and says it was his wife maria who first noticed the resemblance. in fact maria asked her directly if the boy was schwarzenegger son and she admitted the affair. housekeeper mildred work in the household for 20 years and apologized to maria who she described as surprisingly compassionate about the whole thing. she also told the magazine she hopes arnold an maria can work things out. >> all right let's go back to update the forecast. pretty much steamy everywhere. >> absolutely. look at the
9:50 pm
temperatures. 92 degrees in chick o. 93 in sacramento. get down to the desert and it's in the triple digits. warm enough yosemite 88 degrees flood warning continues as we mention rapid snow melt occurring obviously impacting campground there. 75 in lake tahoe and here in the bay area the summer like warmth that we saw today will stick around for your wednesday. low 90's in our inland east bay from antioch to condition cord and livermore. 90 agrees in santa rosa. getting up to the mid 80's around san jose. 81 in palo alto peninsula. oakland. san francisco. pretty warm day. low to upper 70's. 65 degrees in half moon bay. oak listened coliseum tomorrow. a's play the royals again at 7:05. mostly clear and breezy. temperature 68 degrees dropping counsel to the mid 60's. the dry pattern continues. warm day wednesday. cooler through the end of the work week and then temperatures slowly coming back up beginning sunday continuing through early next week.
9:51 pm
>> now we are feeling lake summer. >> i know it's about time around here. >> thanks very much. >> larry is here with all the sports. giants wish they were playing here tonight. >> well i tell you what, they are in arizona tonight and next few days it's going to be hot there. in the desert giants are happy to see familiar face back in the line up. panda has returned and ready to hit. back in the line up. panda has returned and ready to hit. sports is next. dad, i was wondering if you've --
9:52 pm
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>> coming up 7 news at 11:00.
9:54 pm
no smart meter no power. bay area man who claims pg&e left him with a very difficult decision. also interesting health news tonight. amount of sleep you get could have an impact on the quality of your marriage. some of the results are a bit county intuitive. those stories and more coming up tonight on 7 news at 11:00 over on channel 7. mr. beall is here with all the sports tonight. baseball to talk by. giants and a's at the top in the midst of the injuries. giants were very happy to welcome back pablo tonight. beloved panda coming back from wrist surgery returning to arizona and making his presence felt immediately. check out the sign. name of those need to go get well starting line up for the giants. get well soon everybody. panda welcome back at the bottom. 1st inning. single to right. torrez skovrments 1 nothing giants. up 2 nothing in the fifth. ross he is clutch. this is his second double of the game. pablo scores. huff as well and makes it 4 nothing. find
9:55 pm
trouble in the sixth. miguel montero all over the fast ball. that is a 3 run bomb. suddenly a one run contest. 4-3. next inning. nate smoke to left center. into the gap. huff running hard from first. bobble by chris young out ther there. up 64 standing up for 6-4 lead. rate now they are in the 9th. it is 6-5 giants and the d-backs are threatening. complete highlights at 11:00. bob first home game as the a's interim skipper hosting kc 4th inning here it comes. there it guess. format sue i. his fifth of the year solo homer. a's down 2-1 what's going on with trevor. in the fifth. sixth walk of the game. next batter jeff walks also. that's 7. and phillies butler brings home both men looks like a miss play by josh willing ham in left. and the royals take a 4-2 lead. they are in the eighth ring right --
9:56 pm
incorporate now an kansas city leads by 64 of 4-2. giants game went time. giants win it 6-5. college baseball. from mere extinction to the college world series and playing for until title. the story of the cal baseball team slated to be wiped out last fall now very much alive. cal will play the top seed virginia in the college world series opener on sunday. with these bears clearly anything is possible. jeans. >> the story is great. we actually joked about it at the start if we make it this far maybe they will make a movie. >>reporter: how about cal cardiac kids. lack to third the pitch. base hit that right field. coming in and score is booker. he's safe. california wins it 9-8. >>reporter: come from behind 9-win over baylor propel them to the super regional this past weekend and they handle dallas
9:57 pm
baptist with ease to go to the world series in omaha. >> after we won the game i had a dream that we didn't make it and i woke up and i was sweating. it scared me. i woke up and realize wait we are going to omaha. >>reporter: over two months ago the team found the program had been saved from budget cuts thanks to outside donations. >> we have to hit recruiting trillion and try to get the players to compete in the new pack 12. that's going to be a task in itself but we are lacking forward. rather have that hard job than not being here next year. >>reporter: weight lifted off the entire program shoulder. >> i think definitely helped us a lieutenant. brought us close as a team. you can see on the field that we are playing looser because we are closer with each other. we have l great time out there. >> i have talked to couple l reporters out of omaha and predicting the same thing that we may be the fan pick because of what we have again through
9:58 pm
this year. we'll take that because that's a little extra enthusiasim at the park for you. >>reporter: amazing story. on to the nba. james has emerged as super villain to many fans around the country but lebron said today his last comments were just a misunderstanding. after lasting in the finals dallas if he seemed to belittle his critic that they had to good back to their normal boring lichlts he clarified saying he just meant that life will go on for everybody. >> wasn't saying i'm superior or better than anyone else. any man or woman on the planet. i'm not. i would never ever lack at myself figure any of you didn't hear anybody that watches our game or fib look at me as a professional basketball player. i'm not superior over anyone so it may have come off or said come off wrong but that wasn't my intention. >>reporter: u.s. open began thursday congressional country club in maryland. mcel roy thinking about thursday and will erasear sunday. he was leading heading
9:59 pm
that the final round of the masters imploded with an 80. 22-year-old player says he tried to take positive of the rough experience and hopes it will help in the open. >> a little differently on the sunday than i had done the previous few days but that's natural. you are going to be nachlt you are in with a great chance to win the first maim. doesn't happen. just manufacture on. >>reporter: just manufacture on. he's good. talented young player. one more thought on the cal bears. some of the kid because of school is over, the lease on the apartment are up. so they have been kind of living out of the locker room. adding to the whole story. >> great story. one sectional couch for all. >> this edition of abc 7 news. remember those days right. for all of us here, thanks for watching. we appreciate your time.


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